Issue 2 - Summer 2019

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Hinterland is a quarterly, print and digital magazine dedicated to the very best new creative non-fiction writing.

With striking cover art from Richard Horne, Issue 2 features a stellar line-up of writers both well known and sparkling new.

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Richard Beard, The Archangel’s Way

Shortlisted for the James Tait Black prize for his 2018 memoir, Richard Beard invites us to accompany him and illustrator Dru Marland on a pilgrimage along the Archangel’s Way in Devon.


In Conversation with Bart van Es

We sat down to talk with author Bart van Es about why his Costa Award-winning book The Cut Out Girl needed to be written now, the difficulties inherent in writing family history and a changing Europe.

Issue 2 also includes:

  • Stephen Massil presents the Speaker of the House John Bercow in a new light in our regular Brief Lives feature.

  • In Whose Play Is It Anyway, playwright Antoinette Moses discusses her craft and also presents an exclusive extract from her work in progress.

  • In Krakowskie Przedmieście, Kinga Cybulska offers an intimate portrait of both mid-century Poland and her grandmother Stasia.

  • Yin F. Lim discovers how the familiar grows unfamiliar when she returns to her native Kuala Lumpur in Tourist In My Homeland.

  • Martin Eberlen explores the impact of climate change in suburban London in his photo essay There Are No Polar Bears Where I Live.

  • Kate Romain invites us along on an awkward second date in Parasites & Autoclaves.

  • In Rahmania, Sureshkumar P. Sekar explains what it is like to be a Rahmaniac — an impassioned fan of the music of A.R. Rahman.

  • In Nacional 27, Nicholas Ward returns to Chicago and a pivotal moment in young adulthood.

  • In This Is Not A Ghost Story But A Haunting, Katie Simpson considers what we keep and what we lose of family history.

  • Roger Cranse delivers a troubling tale of boyhood in National Newark and Essex.

As well as our usual bite-sized flash non-fiction from Spencer Darr, Caroline Gardam, Nicole Im, Scott Russell Morris and Allison Pugh and a host of must-read regular features.